Fitting that today’s comic is about art as Edmonton’s Art Walk on Whyte Avenue just wrapped up. If you aren’t familiar with the Art Walk, basically local artists set up booths and tables along Whyte Ave. – which is either Edmonton’s cultural hub or riot centre, depending on how well the Oilers are playing – and sell prints of their work. I go every year and every year I’m determined to pick up a piece, but it never happens. Not because there is a lack of good work, to the contrary, there are some seriously talented artists in town. No, it’s because when it comes to making a purchase over $100 I’m Captain Dithers. Also my car just had a rather grim heart-attack and will need expensive car-diovascular surgery. See what I did there? Yes, I’m very funny, thank you.

The Art Walk also gives me a chance to chat with other local artists, which is fun. I felt bad, however, when I talked to one artist at length about my exciting new website and not at all about her art that was hanging all around me. Whoever that was, I am sorry.