So far Jasper is very, very, very…gray. I suppose there was no reason to expect the miserable summer weather would be any different 360km west of Edmonton, but it would’ve have been nice. You hear that, God? I said IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE…!

Nope, nothing. Figures, same thing happened when I asked for solid gold flood pants.

Speaking of floods, how about the flood of awesome the edmontonian dispenses every day? Great segue, right? Specifically, our good friends Jeff and Sally produced a fantastic video about Inglorious Hipsters that’s on the webs at this very moment. Check it out by clicking one of these “hypertext” thing-a-ma-jigs…here!

Many, many thanks to Jeff and Sally. Since meeting the dynamic blogging duo I’ve been a part of more ridiculously fun projects than I can count. They are two of the nicest, funniest people I know! Thanks guys!

Here is this week’s Dead-Beef offering. Have a good weekend!

Dead-Beef: Government Cheque