It’s Friday morning, you’ve got a fresh organic latte in your hand and you’re ready to settle in and get down to some serious looking busy. For distractions you have come to the right place.

Today we introduce a special feature. I don’t really like calling it a “special feature” ’cause it sounds pretty lame, but I don’t really have a better term. Fantabulous Friday Featuregasm? Nah, that sucks too.

Moving on.

As most of you already know – because, let’s face it, only our friends and family are reading Inglorious Hipsters at this point – way back in the early aughts we began publishing a web comic called Dead-Beef. Our labor of love lasted three glorious years and garnered the most modest – yet loyal – of fan bases. Because we loved our little creation so much we decided to give the old strip a second life, thus every Friday will be hence forth be known in Edmonton as Dead-Beef Friday! Check your local papers next week, Mayor Mandel will surely be declaring it a weekly municipal holiday.

We start at the start. What follows is mine and Jeremy’s first attempt at drawing a comic strip, as will be painfully obvious by its ridiculously long format and my failure to correctly add depth to a couch. Is it a couch, is it a potato sack? I don’t know!

Enjoy, and we’ll see you Monday with a new Inglorious Hipster strip.

Dead-Beef - That's not porn

Our first baby.