I’m sure for many of you the existence of the band called the Bombay Bicycle Club is not news. Jeremy is the real music nerd, I tend to glean my music from him or from other various friends. I don’t spend a lot of time searching out new music, I just absorb it through osmosis. But in I’ve been listening to this track over and over the last few days and thought I’d share it with the Inglorious Hipsters faithful.

Have a great Fringefilled weekend! As always, here is your weekly helping of the old comic, Dead-Beef. In case you’re wondering why there’s a dead cow in the last panel, that was the old DB logo. This particular comic use to be three panels in a row, but when I changed the design of the old website I had to fix the comic to fit within the new design, hence the blank space.

Dead-Beef: Boom!