I’m not much of an audiophile. I appreciate a quality recording, and I do make an effort to make sure the speakers and headphones I own are good enough to hear the dulcet tones of The National or the layered intricacies of Edmonton’s own The Provincial Archive, but that is about as far as I go. I’m certainly not enough of an audio nerd to listen to vinyl.

In fact, I have had repeated arguments about the value of vinyl. The pro record player crowd tends to pit vinyl as a medium versus digital, which is a debate that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Their reasons centre around vinyl’s environmental friendliness and archival properties. Both are tenuous arguments, at best, and if you follow me around the internet at all, you’ve read my reasons why.

I think of vinyl like I do cigars. There’s no real point for me to smoke a cigar, I just think it’s a cool. It’s an experience, like playing a record and there’s nothing wrong with that. Why vinylphiles feel the need to justify records as a medium I do not get.

But enough about that, here is your weekly dose of Dead-Beef. Enjoy!

Dead-Beef: Chunk