The holiday Monday is still messing with my date awareness, almost forgot it was Thursday night and time to upload another Dead-Beef comic. Thankfully for our many, many fans (that was probably two many’s too many…many) I remembered before I decided to turn in for the night.

You’ll notice the Our Lady Peace poster in the background of today’s strip. Back in the 90’s and early to mid 2000’s I loved all things Raine Maida, hence OLP got a few cameos in the old comic. Today I was listening to OLP’s latest work and the band is a shell of its former self, languishing in the shadow of departed guitarist Mike Turner who’s talent was never replaced. I was an enormous fan of Maida’s often cryptic lyrics, but his strong writing seems to have fallen off a cliff.

There was a time when OLP was Canada’s band, but very few artist can maintain the level of their break out success. Much of art, in general, has a expiration date. You are only relevant so long. You hear that, Katy Perry? Soak it up while you can!

Dead-Beef: Classy Girls