This comic was inspired by a textual sparring match I tried to have with Kurt Vonnegut’s Twitter account over his “lead in the water pipes” quote. Trent Wilkie kindly pointed out I was arguing with a dead guy – which I did actually know, but forgot briefly enough to make myself look like an asshole.

I first met Trent at the edmontonian and Unknow Studio’s joint birthday party a little over a year ago. When Sally Poulsen introduced me to this short, quirky fellow sitting near the stage, a cane in one hand and a series of quick witted zingers in the other, I could tell his understanding of the anatomy of comedy went far beyond my own. Intimidated, I began plotting ways in which to abscond with his powers, but I have yet to figure out a method of cracking a human cranium open without causing Trent what I’m told would be “severe discomfort.” I’ve put a pin in it…for now.

Some of you might recognize Mr. Wilkie as part of the local sketch comedy group Mostly Water Theatre. If you are an Edmonton Oilers fan you may remember this brilliant little gem:

As I’m sure our readers are made up entirely of music snobs and theater geeks, you are all certainly aware Edmonton’s Fringe Festival starts in a few days. Well, our friend Trent Wilkie has an upcoming show called Aachen, and you should go see it! I haven’t read the press release yet, but I give you my personal guarantee there will be a lazer light show and guest appearances by Olivia Wilde and the fat kid from Goonies!*

Trent’s one-man show starts this Friday at Filthy McNasty’s Pub for the low, low price of $10! Get them while you can, tickets are selling fast! Actually, I have no idea if they are selling fast, or even if they are indeed on sale yet, but I’m creating demand. It’s a little the we call salesmanship, folks.

*not an actual guarantee.