Good Friday morning to you all! It’s time for another installment of Dead-Beef, our old poorly drawn, poorly colored, poortly lettered, poorly everything comic!

Art imitates life…or it is life imitates art? Whatever. These last two Dead-Beef comics are based on real adventures Jeremy and I had while growing up in Vegreville, Alberta.

Needless to say that small towns are not filled with an abundance of entertaining things to do. In Vegreville you had a choice of going to the 7-11 to play a round of WWF Royal Rumble, or hanging out on the old dirt hill west of town.

Ah, the old dirt hill, thems were some good times theys was.

When life got stale it became necessary to entertain ourselves in other ways, which mostly meant vandalism. The previous comic had Jason and Clarence egging their neighbor’s house, which is literally something Jeremy and I did. Well, I threw the eggs because Jeremy ensured me that I “had the best arm.” That ego boosting ploy of his got me grounded for a month. Also, I wasn’t allowed to go to our friend Kris’s birthday party, and he had rented a Super Nintendo for the day! It was the worst weekend of my life.

Missing out on Super Mario World taught me a valuable lesson, but Jeremy continued his vandalism rampage, throwing baby food or shooting paintballs at cars (a la today’s comic). Thankfully, Mr. Die’s criminal activities caught up with him when he was arrested for egging a house down the street. Vegreville’s criminal mastermind was locked up and residents rested easy knowing they wouldn’t be cleaning ommlettes off the sides of their houses.

Dead-Beef: Fun with Paintballs