I suppose I could promote today’s comic as being “based on a true story” or “based on actual events.” I’m not really sure what the difference is, but movie trailers seem to imply there is a distinction to be made there. My guess is that “based on actual events” is more fake than “based on a true story.” But I’ll leave that for you to deliberate.

So a little back story to this comic. Once upon a time I dated a girl who I could probably best describe as a hippie. She participated in something called “Luminocity,” which was some form of new age spiritual wellness group attended by people who think Deepak Chopra makes sense. I agreed to come along to one of the group’s events one night and quickly regretted it. The way group members employed the English language was not dissimilar from how I’ve portrayed it in the comic, wholly unnatural and almost consciously stilted. I sat at the kitchen table with other well-meaning boyfriends and husbands while the group talked about finding emotional and spiritual stability in the living room. When the group singing started, I could sense we all wanted to jump out of our skin.

Oh, the things we will do for a girl, am I right guys? I think it’s possible women just try to see what kind of crazy shit we’ll go along with for the fun of it.