While we’re making kick-ass comics, we here at Inglorious Hipsters (along with an army of fantastic volunteers we couldn’t be more grateful for) are hard at work behind the scenes to makes Microphones & Moustaches a memorable night! We have some truly awesome prizes to give away, some of which we will reveal a little later this week. How do you win prizes, you ask? By getting on stage, lifting that mic out clean and helping raise money for prostate cancer research!

How are your staches looking gentleman? Here’s the babyface look I sported on November 1st:

Movember Day 1

Smooth as a baby's bottom…if a baby's bottom were made of sandpaper.

By tomorrow morning I’ll have shaved my stubble into the beginnings of  a very fine pedo-stache. I will post pictures soon for your enjoyment. Also, if you have some awesome Movember moustache photos, send them my way so I can make fun of you.

We would like to thank everyone who as already donated to the Microphones & Moustaches Movember team! At the end of week one we already sit at $333 raised! Thanks so much, and remember, no donation is too small or too big!

Pedo-stache away!

UPDATED: Here is my fabulous handlebar stache. Revel in all its…handlebar…ness.

Movember Stache Week #2

iPhones take the best photos…

And here is Edmonton’s prettiest cartoonist brandishing his lovely stache.

Jeremy Die Movember Stache

Mr. Jeremy Die pictured with Mr. Moustache himself, Tom Selleck