Just six days until Microphones & Moustaches: The Movember Open Mic Challenge. The show starts 4pm this Sunday at the Wunderbar on Whyte Avenue, we’re very excited and hope to see you there!

Got plans, you say? In-laws planning on visiting for the weekend? Tell ’em you’re sick! Got laundry to do? I say it’s time you wore that owl sweater your gramma knitted you. Wife going into labour? Please, I think the doctors can handle that.

So you see, there are no excuses, bring your moustache and your willingness to humiliate yourself in front of all your friends and probably a bunch of strangers too!

In other news, Inglorious Hipsters will be taking a break over the holiday season. Not to worry, we still have a couple weeks of new comics left for you, and we’ll be back again in the new year!