I honestly can’t remember who wrote this comic. Whether it was Jeremy or myself, but I do remember being responsible for the “parody” names for the musicians. At least, I’m pretty sure that was me.

Hindsight being 20/20, looking back at this strip I find those parody names embarrassingly lame. Seems silly that, in a comic completely ham fisted in its “fuck you” message to the music industry, I pick out “Sheryl Cow” as the thing I wish we did differently.

Funny that 10 years later this comic is still kind of relevant; replace the music industry with the movie industry and we have an up-to-date comic strip.  I think that illustrates the incredible lack of vision and foresight in the entertainment industry. Movies studios had to know piracy would soon be a problem for their pocket book just as it had been for record companies, yet there was virtually no attempt to adjust to the coming trend of digital downloads. Studios dug their feet in, pretended it was still the 90s, and watched consumers take digital distribution into their own hands, then whined about it.

I don’t feel sorry for the entertainment industry at all. Instead of taking over digital distributing with an easy to use pay-for-play service they chose to sue the pants off their customers. To stem the tide, studios tried to maximize their opening weekend take with whatever established property they could get their hands on, the result has been the worst run of unimaginative, poorly written movies I can remember in my short life.

So kudos to you, movie industry. Your lack of vision and imagination has killed the movie going experience and pushed every good writer into television.