Is the Occupy movement still relevant? Things happen so quickly on the internet by the time I think of a joke the thing is fucking over.

Anyway, as you know, today is our last comic of the year, we’re taking a break to be lazy and gorge on the endless trough of Christmas baking. Thank you so much for reading, the last sixth months have been a lot of fun. Also, a special thanks to everyone who posted a comment. Getting feedback, even if it’s just our friends, inspires us to keep writing, keep drawing and become a stronger cartoonist team.

Seriously, if I could kiss everyone who reads our comic square on the lips, I would. So be careful if you’ve posted a comment and I see you on the street. I don’t care if it’s weird. It’s happening.

We have Inglorious Hipster buttons and I’d be happy to throw some in the mail for any loyal reader who wants one or ten. And please, if you like the comic, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell you friends, tell you parents and tell your gynecologist! The more people that read our comic the longer we’ll keep doing it.

Thanks everyone, have a very Merry non-denominational Holiday and a Happy New Year!