Well, I’ve already failed completely at posting a Dead-Beef comic every day this week, though I do have a reasonable excuse…sort of. My oldest sister gave birth to a brand new baby boy over the weekend and I was at the hospital last night introducing myself to the little tyke. I got home at 8pm, so I still had about 4 hours to post the stupid thing, so it’s not much of an excuse.

While holding a new life in your arms is undoubtedly a beautiful thing, it is also terrifying. It’s like someone handing you a grenade, pulling the pin and saying “don’t drop this or it will explode.” Babies should really come wrapped head to toe in a combination of feathers, foam and bubble wrap. They should also come with carabiners so they can be clipped on your person. Safety first, people!

Anyway, here is your comic, late but not never.

Amber's Birthday Continues

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