Good Monday morning, Inglorious faithful! Did you miss us? We missed you. To us our fans are like that old, comfortably worn-out sweater that we refuse to use as a jizz mop after masturbating.

Hmmm…that was a lot of sharing, wasn’t it? How about we get to sharing something other than short, horrifyingly honest anecdotes?

As you know, next week were are returning from our short hiatus with new comics, so we thought we’d get everyone – all six of you – thinking about us again by posting five days of Dead-Beef comics.

If you’re new to the site you might be asking, what is Dead-Beef? Well, friends, Inglorious Hipsters is not the first web comic to be published by Jeremy Die and yours truly. Back in the early aughts we ran an extremely filthy comic called Dead-Beef. Come to think of it, we write filthy penis gags as much in Inglorious Hipsters as we did in Dead-Beef. Old habits die hard, I guess. So much for aiming to be higher brow.

Tune in all week for dirty, misogynistic jokes! Enjoy!


Happy Tampon!

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