Good Monday morning Inglorious faithful!

I’m pretty critical when it comes to movies and television, so much so that I have a penchant for irritating my friends with my nitpicking. For some, I may appear to just enjoy shitting on movies for shitting on movie’s sake, but I swear that isn’t the case. I have been known, on rare occasion, to actually like a movie. It happens, it really does.

This past weekend I was astounded to see three films I felt were very good, The Grey, Moneyball and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil.

I highly recommend all three films (especially Tucker & Dale) and you can even listen to what I thought of The Grey a little later today on the Jay n’ J podcast!

There is one thing I would like to nitpick about, however. I’m not sure I understand the Oscar nomination for Jonah Hill. He was certainly good in Moneyball – for the very short amount of time he was on screen. He couldn’t have had more than 15 lines. Mostly, Hill sat in Brad Pitt’s office looking intimidated or bemused.

If anyone can explain it too me, please do.