So the SOPA blackout worked, right? US law makers all saw the error of their ways, dropped their support for SOPA and PIPA and began drafting legislation that is both fair and retains the integrity and spirit of the internet. That’s what happened, right?

Megaupload shut down

Son of a bitch!!

While we await the internet apocalypse, why not enjoy an old Dead-Beef comic! You might notice today’s comic both looks terrible and covers a dated geek-culture subject. Well, the squiggly lego-like characters are drawn by yours truly as I tried to sub-in for Jeremy with a series of panels that ignored all kinds of basic proportions and perspective. The little cow in the upper right corner was part of the old Dead-Beef logo, I thought it best to point that out because it would seem rather random otherwise.

Jango Sucks

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Updated: Just a quick update to my jokes at the beginning of this post, it appears as though Lamar Smith, chief sponsor of SOPA, has pulled the bill. PIPA is also on hiatus. Thanks to @StephanieChan for posting the Mashable link on Twitter.