Girl in red dress and some kind of man in a crappy bee suit?

A photo of the Handsome Furs I do not understand in even the slightest degree.

Attention all pretentious music twats, Inglorious Hipsters wants you!

Are you ready to join the Inglorious Army? Ready to lay down your music related thoughts and opinions to be scrutinized by the douchy-est of the internet masses? Willing to get involved as a guest blogger once or twice a month despite the fact that I’m making it sounds like a terrible idea?

Good! Great!

As Inglorious Hipsters rolls into 2012 we’re looking to spread out internet might and we are turning to you, the Inglorious Faithful, to do it. We want you to become our resident guest blogger on music. Review albums, talk about shows, or rant about the impossible popularity of Modern Family. I know that isn’t music related, but I just don’t get it.

If you are interested send me an email at Make sure you have some of your writing available for me to read, cause I need to know you can writes good words.