How to be an asshole:

Step 1: While in rush hour traffic take advantage of polite drivers who have left the intersection clear for crossing traffic by cutting into the open space, effectively cutting off the flow of traffic completely.

Step 2: Chuckle to yourself at what a dick move you just pulled off.

Step 3: Turn your head to the visibly upset drivers to your right.

Step 4: Continue laughing.

I followed these very simple steps driving home from work on Wednesday. The couple in the car to my right had been watching me laugh as I positioned myself to cut them off. When I turned to face them I could see the bewilderment in their eyes; how could someone take such satisfaction in being a douchey driver? I was shocked myself, to be honest, yet I laughed the entire drive home.

Oh, I’m an asshole.

Enough anecdotes, here is your Friday comic, see you Monday!

Dead-Beef: Master Player

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