If you follow me on the Twitters (@greggbeever) you might have seen a conversation last Friday concerning Pinterest, the latest craze in what has become a steady flow of redundant social media platforms. Mr. Jeffery Samwich alerted me to a rather sneaky clause hiding in Pinterest’s terms of service which basically gives the company the right to sell whatever is posted to its servers.

Pinterest Terms of Service

Since this mood board is essentially an image sharing network, this is rather alarming to artists like Jeremy and myself. After launching a Pinterest board featuring all the Inglorious Hipsters comics, I quickly took it down after Jeff alerted me to the offending clause. In my rage I wrote Pinterest an admittedly bitchy email that looked like this:

I have deleted my account under the username “greggbeever” due to a rather disappointing clause in your Terms of Service. The idea that you have the right to sell any work posted to Pinterest is not only shady, but completely undermines safe sharing of ideas and content on the internet. You need to re-evaluate your TOS.

In the mean time I would like you to confirm that everything I have previously posted to your website have been permanently deleted from your servers. Is goes without saying you DO NOT have my permission to reproduce my artwork in ANY WAY.

It seems, however, that Pinterest has already realized their error, as two days later I received the following reply:


We are in the process of re-writing our terms. The current terms were written to enable us to share content between users – our intention was never to own or sell the images.

Expect an update to our terms soon.

Thanks for using Pinterest,


So thank you Aaron for replying and reassuring us that Pinterest does not intend to sell other people’s artwork. Perhaps I will use Pinterest in the future, when the updates are made.