Wow, Inglorious Hipsters nearly came to an abrupt end this morning when I almost gave myself a heart attack.

I had trouble sleeping last night, tossed and turned until 2am. When my alarm jolted me to consciousness this morning I felt understandably groggy. For some reason I felt like leaping straight into my morning exercise routine was a good way to get me going. Sliding off my bed I hit the weights as hard and as fast as I could. I then switched to running stairs, again forcing my legs to do everything at light speed. About a minute in to my jog I thought to myself “Boy, I feel strange. Why is my chest so tingly?”

Apparently going from zero to 60 after waking up is not something one’s body appreciates. Maybe it also doesn’t appreciate all those peanut butter covered pretzels I ate last night. Who knows! Living healthy is mysterious.

But rejoice, readers, Inglorious Hipsters will go on…another day at least.

The Kitchen Sink

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