Save Plan B Records! Victor2012!

There’s an interesting little story to this comic, which involves a conversation between Jeremy and I when he sent the scans to me earlier last week. Originally, the final panel only featured Spencer and Brock. Jeremy’s interpretation of the comic, which I wrote, was that Brock had already been in and out of jail. Here is the conversation that followed:

GREGG: I think it works better if Brock’s being arrested right then and there. Is it possible to draw a cop behind him? His hands are behind his back, so if you throw a cop there it’ll look like he’s leading Brock around with this hands cuffed.

JEREMY: There goes my weekend drawing cops for Gregg “the perfectionist” Beever. Maybe I could draw a whole S.W.A.T. team for you, would that make you happy? Would it, you son of a BITCH!!!!

Jeremy and I have a great creative relationship based on constructive criticism and mutual respect.

When I received the new scans I laughed out loud when, indeed, there was an entire S.W.A.T. team on the page. Jeremy’s only regret is that he didn’t draw one repelling from the roof.