Dead-Beef Friday: Sketch #1

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It’s Friday, and that means another installment of Dead-Beef! For any potential newcomers, Dead-Beef is a comic Jeremy and I published on the web way back in the early aughts. Yes, before iPhones, George Bush and hot yoga, there was Dead-Beef.

It’s Avengerin’ Time
I got home around 3am last night after a midnight screening of The Avengers and let me tell you, it is a big bag of win! Joss Whedon masterfully weaves a large cast of characters into a very fun and action packed film.

I have to admit last year I could have been heard expressing my skepticism this film would be a success. Too many A-list actors to juggle in one film, I thought. I also felt like super hero movies had peaked. I was wrong. Welcome to the golden age of super hero films.

Unfortunately I can’t say my movie-going experience last night was a pleasant one. Edmonton’s City Centre Empire Theater (formerly one of my favourite theaters) has to be the most unreliable movie house in town. Nine times out of ten there is something wrong with the projection or audio and last night was no exception. The right side of the screen was blurry through the entire film. While it wasn’t enough to spoil the movie for me, it was noticeable when subtitles came up that were difficult to read.

I’ve tried let the City Centre Theater know they need to shape up, had a polite but ultimately fruitless email exchange with the general manager who fails acknowledge the theater’s problems. If you live in the Edmonton area, I would strongly recommend taking your movie going business elsewhere.