Summer is Coming

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It’s the best morning next to Saturday morning, Friday morning!

Yes, it’s another Dead-Beef Friday, a day we’ve designated to post old comics from 10 years ago in an attempt to pass them off as new content. It may surprise you to know, however, that the internet generates new content every day! “Wait, so there are more websites out there other than Inglorious Hipsters?” That’s right, stupid. In fact, I can even give a couple examples of awesome new things to check out on this wide web of ours.

First, Mr. Adam Rozenhart of The Unknown Studio fame writes a blog every Friday aptly titled FML Friday. Adam, a.k.a Edmonton, Alberta’s bearded sweetheart, takes the lamest, most mundane complaints from and turns them into laughter. You’d think with all the plugging we do for The Unknown Studio we’d have earned a fancy link on their very popular site, but alas we’ve failed to passive-aggressively bully them enough to get the job done. Anyway, check out FML Friday!

Erin Bourne: Air Borne Taxidermy

Next is a new sketch blog by the lovely Erin Bourne, who takes randomly generated phrases and transforms them into hilarious sketches. It’s my favourite new thing on the internet, and not just because I’m dating the author…well, okay, that’s maybe at least 10% why, but the other 90% is because is awesome!

Enjoy your weekend folks, and we’ll see you Monday for a new Inglorious Hipsters comic.