Today is kind of a crappy day in our city. It seems the University of Alberta has been struck by an attempted robbery leaving three people dead and one critically wounded. The jerk-offs committing the crime targeted an armoured truck, which sounded like a pretty auspicious felony for little Edmonton, but it has apparently happened before, and recently.

Regardless, justice can’t come quick enough to these shitbags. On behalf of everyone in the city, go fuck yourselves you lowlife twats.

Our hearts go out to the victims’ families, I can’t even begin to imagine what a terrible day this much be for them.

Off to Red Deer
I’m off to Red Deer tonight to see a folk singer I’ve never heard of, nor can I remember his name. Going into shows blind is kind of my thing, I rarely turn down an invitation to see some live music. Sometimes it works out and the music is amazing; Jeremy took me to see the Handsome Furs when I didn’t know they existed. But there are those other times when I hate every last second of it, like when I saw Cancer Bats.

I’m also going to Alice Cooper in Novemeber. That’s not exactly going into a show blind, I know who Alice Cooper is, but I don’t listen to his music. See? All you have to do is invite me to a show and I’m there.

Anyway, here’s a Dead-Beef comic, see you Monday!

Attention Span

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