Dead-Beef: French Toast

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I actually avoided posting this comic last week initially because I thought it wasn’t appropriate to post along with the subject of the UofA shootings. Now I realize that I’m just a little bit embarrassed by this one.

Why I feel this way is a bit of a mystery. Jeremy and I have had plenty of profanity laced chats like this one, this comic could easily be a transcript of our dinner conversation.

Maybe I’m getting old, becoming a prude about my own work. Although, given that a few weeks ago we posted a comic about shitting puppy dogs, maybe not?

Start Podcasting Ourselves
I’m excited about recording our Hipstervesary Podcast next week. I love doing these things, despite the fact that very few people are going to listen to it. Truly, if more than five of you listened to it, I’d consider it a run away hit. Like everything here at Inglorious Hipsters, it is a labour of love, and a great excuse to get friends together and chat about nonsense.

See you Monday for the conclusion of the “Fired” story arch.