Can’t talk, Game of Thrones finale.

UPDATE: The Game of Thrones finale was good, though there were some plot points that made almost no sense until I discussed them with someone who has read the books. Still, easily the best show on TV, nothing else comes even close.

Sadly, with Thrones ending there are very few shows left to watch. Breaking Bad gets going again soon, Nurse Jackie and VEEP are still running for a few more weeks, but outside of that I’ll probably be watching Community reruns on Netflix for the rest of the summer.

Well, maybe I’ll venture outside now and again, get some of this “sunlight” I’ve heard so much about.

Speaking of getting out, Erin and I are going on an road trip down the west coast of the United States in the beginning of July. Now you know why Inglorious Hipsters will be going on hiatus. We’re thinking we might get as far as San Francisco, if anyone has some travel tips for us, what to see or where to stay while in Seattle, Portland or San Fran, please leave a comment. It would be much appreciated.