Good Monday morning folks.

So, speaking of computer junk, Apple released yet another version of the most restrictive, closed system smart phone on the market last week. Luckily for Apple their fans are rabid and mindless, despite the fact were Apple a country it would be more totalitarian than North Korea.

A great man once said “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” That man was Harvey Dent. What?

I think Apple is very much heading down this path, before you know it Tim Cook will be threatening to kill Commissioner Gordon’s kids.

Apple’s insistence on restricting the type of apps produced for its iOS and preventing any sort of interesting or perhaps even enhancing customizations to the system has me questioning often whether to throw my iPhone in the garbage. Apple has even decided to replace Google Maps, the most comprehensive map system available on the internet, with their own set of maps. “We don’t need Google, I can draw a goddamn map! Someone give me a pencil,” Steve Jobs said on his death bed.

Steve Jobs was probably an asshole

"Hey Google, it's Steve Jobs from beyond the grave…go fuck yourself."

It’s not that I don’t like Apple’s stuff, I just don’t like where they’re headed.