I’m sure many of you are a bit depressed this morning. Slumped in your office chair, your long weekend done and gone, you begin to lament the passage of summer.

Yes, summer officially isn’t over for another 17 days, but the season feels finished as the calendar flips over to September. If you are a fellow Edmontonian, you probably cursed the trees as they literally changed colour before your eyes last week.

But there are two pieces of good news I’m here to pass along to you. One, thanks to the miracle of global warming we’re likely in for another couple days of +30ºC and just maybe a few more of those exciting tornado warnings we’ve grown to love over July and August.

Second, the end of summer also means the end of Inglorious Hipsters’ hiatus! So while you’ll soon be wrapped in a thick blanket desperate to ward off winter’s deep chill, at least you’ll have a nice warm comic to snuggle up to each and every Monday morning.

Today’s warm bundle of comic features a dead fish……………we’re back everyone!