And now it’s time for a little segment I like to call Top-Culture. Each week I’ll be giving you the scoop on very best in current pop-culture. Just call me Scoop T. Beever, or the Scoop-a-rama…or Scoopatron the Culture Scooping Robot. Get ready to have your entertainment news scooped directly into your poo-bag.

Alright, that got out of hand. Really, I just want to talk about the things I thought were awesome this week. Ready? Let’s Go!

Breaking Sad
Breaking Bad wrapped up the first half of its fifth season this past Sunday, managing to spin the plot in an unexpected direction with just 20 minutes left in the episode. Such a quick change in character motivations would likely be completely mishandled by lesser writers, but show creator Vince Gilligan and crew are simply brilliant at what they do.

Breaking Bad

My guess is Walt Jr. is behind it all.

Honestly, Breaking Bad has to be the most consistently good television drama I’ve ever seen. I cannot think of a particular season or stretch of episodes that left me bored, or had me complaining about plot inconsistencies. The only injustice to date has been the confusing decision to break season five into two parts, and to air them a year apart.

I’m not sure what AMC gains stretching the season out over two years. Is it to sell us an over-priced half season of the show on DVD, á la Battlestar Galactica? If anyone knows, please leave a comment.

Sadly, we have to wait a year to for Skyler to die (fingers crossed).

North Stars
Stars has a released a new album. Now, I’m probably not current on this, with music I almost never am, but I started listening to it this week, so good enough.

Stars - The North

Is that Montreal? I bet it's Montreal.

Stars is one of those bands I love in spite of many misgivings. For one, I’m not a fan of lead singer Torquil Campbell’s voice. He sounds tired. He also sounds like a huge pussy. Sorry, he does. But luckily for Campbell his failings are more than made up by the beautifully melodic voice of Amy Millan, whose voice borders on adorable but never gets too cutesie.

The new album, The North, is a good listen, though not as good to my ears as The Five Ghosts. Still, I recommend you check it out.

Bill Clinton

"I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a tube."

Whatever you might think of Bill Clinton’s politics or his past dress-staining escapades, it’s impossible to deny the man’s ability to give a speech.

This week liberals down south held their national convention, propping up political speaker on stage for three straight nights. Honestly, I don’t know how Democratic National Convention attendees manage to stay awake through three days of speeches, because I find even the highlights exhausting. But an inspiring speech by one of the best US presidents in recent memory might just make it worth the slog.

Clinton landed several zingers, including taking rival Republicans to task on the number of jobs they have created over the past four years. If you’re any kind of left-leaning political observer his speech nearly had you leaping out of your seat.

Considering I’m Canadian, I’m not sure why a speech by a former US president would be inspiring. I just find American politics fascinating, they are like the world’s best reality TV show. Every time a Republican opens their mouth it’s water cooler material.

“Hey, did you hear Todd Akin thinks a woman’s vagina works like a venus fly trap?”

“What a dumb douchebag. The Romney camp just said they aren’t going to let fact checkers dictate their campaign. Holy shit, that country is just a huge mess!”