Good Friday morning, everyone! It is apparently Thanksgiving weekend this weekend, which I found out yesterday. I thought it was in the middle of the month for some reason. Thankfully, Jeremy corrected me last night, which is fortunate considering I’m suppose to have dinner with my girlfriend and her parents for Thanksgiving. I’m sure I would have gotten an interesting call Sunday night from Erin:

“Uh, where the fuck are you?”

“At home in my underwear playing Civilization V. Why? Something important going on?”

We recorded the first episode of Inglorious Hipsters: The Podcast last night. Big thanks to Jordan Blackburn from Jay n’ J. for coming out and being our first guest. As expected the episode was rough, but we had a great time recording. I very much view this as an ongoing experiment, hopefully the hosting skills of Jeremy, Mark and myself will improve as we go along.

We’ll be posting our first episode next Thursday. After tripping all over ourselves with awkward introductions we actually got into a very interesting discussion about Dredd 3D and the state of the film industry, so if you can make it through the first ten minutes you might actually get something out of our ramblings.

Quick note, next week’s Inglorious Hipsters comic will be posted on Tuesday instead of Monday due to the holiday.

But today is Friday, and that means a heaping helping of our old comic Dead-Beef! Have a great holiday weekend!

Dead-Beef: Old Best Friends