Good news everyone, if you haven’t heard, it’s Friday! The weekend is nearly upon us, but not just any weekend, it’s technically Halloween weekend! Since all Hallow’s Eve falls on a Wednesday this year, this will be the weekend we choose to dress up and get categorically slam dunked. That’s a new euphemism I made up for getting drunk, tell your friends.

I recorded a “slider” episode of Jay n’ J with the entertainment aficionado himself, Jay Runham. I believe it will be posted today, so check the out at some point. We review the new animated movie Wreck-it Ralph!

Big thanks to everyone who has been tweeting or sharing our comic with others over the last few weeks. Your a small but loyal group and Jeremy and I would just like to thank Jay, Jordan, Adam, Jessica, Sally, Steven and Jason for helping to spread the word about our little comic strip.

Finally, today’s Dead-Beef Friday follows the events of the last Dead-Beef comic posted, which has become a bi-weekly thing now. Enjoy and have a fun and safe weekend!

Dead-Beef: Roommate Fiasco

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