You know, I think the most annoying part of posting a comic is trying to come up with a title for it. Every comic I try to come up with something witty, clever or ironic, but each time I give up and post something entirely lame and boring. Maybe I need to employ some puns, like some hack sports headline writer. Did you hear me headline writers? I said you were HACKS!

Moving on.

Hey fellow Edmontonians, did you know Jewel Staite is coming to our city? Who’s Jewel Staite? Look, if you’re not a Browncoat I’m going to have to ask you vacate our website in shame.

Did you know that Adam West, Burt Ward, Nichelle Nichols and Billy Dee Fucking Williams are also coming to the City of Champions? Well, they are!

You might be asking yourself, why are all these celebrities coming here? Is there another elephant/dolphin that needs to be freed from one of our many oppressive zoos? No! They’re coming here so you can stand in line to give them a bunch of money so you can watch them scribble on a photo of themselves.

Sweet, right?

All kidding aside, this is kind of a big deal for genre fans in this city. For years we’ve watched our geographic rival to the south bask in the glow of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. When we got Geordi Laforge to show up at a toy show, they scoffed and brought in the entire fucking TNG cast! Those dirty Romulans!

Thankfully the organizers of the Calgary show have chosen to extend an olive branch to Sci-Fi nerds in Edmonton and bring a similar convention to our city. Fah-king sa-weeet!

The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo is this weekend (Oct. 20th & 21st). We’ll be there…not in a booth of course, just kind of wondering around looking for a place to waste hard earned money. We hope you’ll be there too, because as genre fans we need to support events like this so they grow and blossom into beautiful celebrity studded flowers.

 Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo