Just three days after I remarked how please I am with our consistency posting comics we fail to post one on time. Oh, irony, you are the universe’s greatest bitch.

Anyway, sorry we missed the comic today. Do you want to know why we missed a comic? Are you sure? Okay.

My right testicle hurts.

No, seriously. That’s why. I ended up going to the hospital Sunday morning because my testicle started to hurt for precisely no goddamn reason. When Erin and I checked up with the most reliable of doctors, the Internet, we were told to “treat all testicle pain as an emergency!”

Thus we were off to the emergency room at 5 in the morning so I could get felt up by a dick doctor.

The good news is there appears to be nothing wrong with me or my nut. I’m feeling 100% today, but didn’t have the energy to pull off the comic last night.

Sorry about that, Inglorious Faithful, I’ll be working on getting you a new comic for Wednesday.