Those of you who listened to the first episode of Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast may know that this year I’ve decided to skip growing a mustache for Movember. Call it fatigue, last year I spent months planning a Movember event that was less popular than Paul Ryan at a soup kitchen. It was fun, and we raised a decent amount of donations, but my ego remains in intensive care one year later.

However, that does not mean we here at Inglorious Hipsters won’t be donating to the Movember cause.

I’m willing to bet a good portion of our readers are participating in Movember this year and we would love to donate to your team! But how to decide which lucky reader will get the cash?

Mustache contest!

Yes, send us a picture of your mustache to our Twitter account or post a photo on our Facebook page and you could win a $50 donation from Inglorious Hipsters to your Movember team! So if you’re ultra¬†competitive about charities for some reason, here’s a chances to win that $50 that would leave all your friends in the charity dust!

The best hipstery ‘stache will win, so break out the moustache wax! We’ll announce the winner Monday, November 26th!