Why, hello there! It’s been a while, we sure missed you. How was your holidays?

…okay…oh–that’s interesting…Okay, I was just pretending to be interested, I don’t actually care.

It’s good to be back, although we’re coming back at a somewhat inconvenient time as the comic above suggests. Jeremy left for warm, sunny Mexico Saturday to see his sister get married, leaving me in cold, desolate Edmonton to finish the next two comics. Thanks a lot, jackass. Oh, and congratulations to Jennifer, or whatever.

While making comics I’ll also be reading a bunch this January. Erin gave my Saga and the last two volumes of Y: the Last Man that I have yet to read, so I’ll be getting my Brian K. Vaughan on. She also picked up the latest Cyanide & Happiness book. Cyanide & Happiness is easily one of the best web comics currently publishing, so if you aren’t reading it I highly suggest checking it out.

Lots of Inglorious Hipster content for you this week as we return. January’s podcast is on it’s way this Thursday, and of course you can catch up with Jason and Clarence in the return of Dead-Beef Friday’s.

See you Thursday my lovelies!