Good Friday morning peoples! Hope you’re having yourself a beautiful day, but more likely you’re stuck in a dingy cubicle bathed in uncomfortable fluorescent light, endlessly typing away in a job that feels like it’s going nowhere and you wish you could end it all but there’s that rerun of the Seinfeld you really don’t want to miss tonight.

But hey, at least there’s a Dead-Beef comic to read today, right?

If you missed it, we posted epidsode 4 of the podcast yesterday, you should totally check it out. Sally Poulsen was an absolutely delight to have on the show and super funny too.

Guys, I spent the last week re-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy and it just isn’t as good as I remember it. The narrative feels like it’s all over the place and there is an awful lot of pointless narration and cheesy dissolves. Anyone else feel this way?

Here’s your comic, have a great weekend folks, and we’ll see you Monday.

Dead-Beef: Never is a Strong Word

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