As most of you have probably heard, Inglorious Hipsters is now The Yeggie Nominated Inglorious Hipsters. We’re up for an Edmonton New Media Award for Best in Comedy. Finally our greatness is being recognized, soon we’ll be leaving this dump of a town behind to become rich media magnates living in a Hollywood penthouse looking down at all the tiny ants below.

We anticipate the penthouses in LA have ant problems.

Anyway, before we call John Goodman to fumigate our gold plated sky apartment (that’s an Arachnophobia reference kids), we have a little Dead-Beef to share with you.

No comic this Monday as we are still riding out our temporary hiatus, but when we are ready to return we will shout it from the penthouse rooftop! In the mean time you can catch me one The Unknown Studio talking Oscars with Adam Rozenhart, Scott C. Bourgeois, Jay Runham, Jordan Blackburn and Inglorious Hipsters first lady Erin Bourne.

Now here’s your comic.

Dead-Beef: Country Music

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