Good Friday morning dudes and dudettes, the weekend is nearly upon us. Jeremy, Mark and I sat down with Sally Poulsen last night and recorded another episode of Inglorious Hipsters the Podcast, which I’m super excited to post next week. Big thanks to Sally for coming out last night.

I’m also really excited to be coloring a new comic this weekend and happy our hiatus is over. I asked Jeremy last night how the comic was coming:

“I haven’t started it yet.”

ah…just like old times.

But before we get to new comics, here’s an old one! Also, if you’re looking for other internetty things to do while procrastinating from work, head on over to The Yeggies and watch the event announcement with Yeggie host Trent Wilkie. Trent is the perfect person to host the Edmonton new media awards, I love everything he does. I might even love Trent himself, I think that’s what this boner means anyway.

Dead-Beef: Goth Code

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