It was a big weekend for TV, wasn’t it? Game of Throne is back delivering us a weekly dose of swords and boobies. AMC’s wildly inconsistent zombie show, The Walking Dead, wrapped up its third season. Oh, and Happy Endings began it’s run in the Friday night kill slot, which is only big news if you are one of the five people who watch it.

I wonder if TV shows on the bubble might benefit from being placed on Netflix as soon as they begin to struggle. It certainly couldn’t hurt if a show is having a hard time finding an audience. I’m sure there’s all sorts of red tape slowing the process of making material available for streaming services and thus making this idea impractical, but I think it could help possible save TV network investments were it possible.

So there it is, I’ve given you a comic and some aimless rambling, now get out of here and get to work.