Whooo-wee! Man, you know, everyone week I color the comic on the couch with my laptop squarely over top of my balls and man is it ever an oven in the crotch region right now. I’m powerfully sterile now, thanks to this comic. Maybe I should sit on an ice pack while I colour, that seems like a sensible solution, right?

In news not related to my crotch, I took part in Jay Runham’s new podcast last week. His previous podcast, Jay n’ J, had it’s final episode a couple weeks back but Jay’s already hard at work making sure we aren’t denied his digitally transmitted voice. Not sure when the podcast will be out, but I’ll be sure so let you all know.

Have a good week folks!

UPDATE: Shut up forever everyone! Get your taints over to theedmontonianmediaco.com, cause Jeff Samsonow and Sally Poulsen’s video short, Startups, is now up and ready for ocular consumption! Lots of cool people were involved in the making of this very funny short, including yours truly who sat around drinking coffee all day pretending to look important.