If you’re going to contract a virus this spring I highly recommend not contracting the bug I caught. It starts out as an innocent sore throat then mutates into massive sinus pain, routine barfing and uncontrollable coughing. Together their powers unite to prevent you from getting the slightest bit of sleep, ensuring that not only are you struggling for your health, but sanity as well.

The best part is, even when it’s nearly over the sinus pain will continue to nag at you, waking you up once every three hours or so. Sweet, right?

Seriously, fuck this virus in the…where ever fucking would be unpleasant for a virus. Something called the caspid?

This is, of course, why this week’s comic is late and why we missed our award winning night at the Yeggies (Jeremy’s daughter was also sick).

We’ll be back Monday with a regularly scheduled comic, see you then!