What do you get when you place four dedicated Star Trek fans who just saw Star Trek Into Darkness into a small, confined room with a microphone? Well, we did it and apparently you get an hour and 40 minutes of warp theory, Prime Directive 101 and unbridled adoration for Karl Urban.

Jay Runham, Samantha Power, Scott C. Bourgeois and Gregg Beever sat down at the Mercer last Thursday to deconstruct J.J. Abrams’ Into Darkness, a movie so troubling they had to register their dismay in podcast form.

If you love Star Trek like we do I think you’ll really enjoy this special episode of Inglorious Hipster the Podcast. The first in perhaps a series of Nerdoffs, as we dubbed it.

Big thanks to all our guests and a special thank you to Adam Rozenhart who came along to be our audio tech and did a fantastic job!

SPOILER WARNING: If you have not seen Star Trek or Star Trek Into Darkness, this podcast will spoil the entirety of both those films for you, you have been warned.