Good morning comic readers! How’s your summer been so far? Mine has been full of mediocre blockbuster movies and evening excursions to the ice cream parlor. Also my clothes don’t fit anymore. It seems ice cream is not a nutritional supplement.

Jeremy, on the other hand, just came back from a week basking in the Nevada sun, the lucky jerk. Erin and I are looking at a lazy sun vacation ourselves, but it’ll have to wait until she’s finished school in the new year.

Anyway, Dead-Beef is back! Today’s installment of the old comic reminds me of the first time Jeremy and I lived together (we were roommate on three separate occasions). The crappy old wooden tube TV we had used to receive the faint signal of the Playboy channel. I remember coming home one day and Jeremy and our fellow roommate, Scott, had moved the couch into the kitchen claiming the porn was easier to see the further away from the TV you were.

See kids? Porn wasn’t always a private browser click away, we used to have to work for our porn, not like you lazy so-and-so’s.

Dead-Beef: Scrambled

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