Hey folks, as we mentioned on Twitter this weekend the comic will be a little late this week. Jeremy is moving into a new home and spent all last week packing and putting things into storage. We had hoped we could still punch out a comic on time but as the weekend approached it became clear that wasn’t going to happen.

The good news is the comic should be ready by mid week, I’m shooting for Wednesday, but that might be a little unrealistic. Thursday would be more likely.

In the mean time, enjoy another Dead-Beef comic and we’ll see you later this week!

Dead-Beef: The Negotiator 2

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UPDATE: Well, it appears I couldn’t get the comic done on time. My Cintiq came in this week and I spent the bulk of two evenings setting it up and messing around with finicky drivers. Sorry guys, I worked as hard as I could, but we’re hoping to post two comics next week.

Sleepy Gregg

Greggy goes night, night trying to finish the comic.