How many of you were fans of Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim? Personally I dug the movie, robots punching giant monsters in downtown Hong Kong, what’s not to like, right? However, last weekend we downloaded it – uh…through entirely legal and legit channels – for a second viewing only to discover some serious problems.

Pacific Rim

Jacks Teller and O-Ren Shi fight giant lizards in form fitting plastic

I was pretty tired when we started the movie and fell asleep in Erin’s lap within the first 10 minutes. Jacks Teller was engaged in a final underwater fight with a trans-dimensional Leviathan when I woke up. As I slowly streamed back into consciousness I couldn’t help but think the movie coming back into focus was extremely stupid.

Without the full context of the movie – and perhaps without being “immersed” in Pacific Rim’s world – every cut away to some actor screaming “GET OUT OF THERE!” or “IT’S A LEVEL 5!” in front of a computer screen or console felt intensely fake. I didn’t see a world of robots and monsters, instead I was extremely aware I was watching actors fumble through awkward dialogue on neon sets.

I find myself wondering if that is a failure of the movie or whether it was just the result of coming in cold to the end of a sci-fi flick. What say you internet?

Anyway, here’s your Dead-Beef, enjoy.

Dead-Beef: Moose Man

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