Welp…there may not be a new Inglorious Hipsters comic this week but at least you’re getting a heaping helping of Dead-Beef.

Today’s Dead-Beef was the start of an odd series of comics staring our childhood friend Dean Welsh who we turned into a Johnny Knoxville type character called X-treme Dean. Did we do this because Dean loved to jumping into ceiling fans or allowing children to kick him in the balls on camera? No. Was Dean himself particularly “x-treme”? He had dreads back then…that’s pretty x-treme, I guess.

Truthfully I can’t remember how this series came about, maybe Dean remembers, if you do Dean write it in the comments for us.

Look for the new Inglorious Hipsters comic this weekend, until then, enjoy your Friday!

Dead-Beef: X-treme Dean

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UPDATE: Our good friend George Mach has unearthed a photo of the real life X-treme Dean. This explains the origins of these comics quite nicely.

X-treme Dean

It’s a bit out of focus, he could be like the X-treme Slender Man