Well, this comic turned out to be quite the ordeal. First Jeremy couldn’t get the comic drawn in time because he got super busy moving into his new house and then I failed to finish it last week because I spent three nights trying to setup our new Cintiq. A Cintiq is basically a computer monitor you can draw directly on to, for those not familiar, and the one Erin and I bought is a 22″ behemoth. Finding a comfortable setup on my small desk proved to be a much bigger challenge than I thought. Even after nailing the physical setup down I experience multiple driver issues I had to contact Wacom about in order to resolve.

Now that it is running smoothly the Cintiq a super fun toy to play with and I’m quite confident it will make colouring comics much, much faster. Hopefully that means we have more time to spend on podcasts and blog posts.

Speaking of podcasts, a thank you goes out to @CaitJackson for tweeting about the show. Any time someone has nice things to say about the comic or the show we get super excited, so thank you.

At some point we’ll be posting a make up comic for the one we missed last week, so look for that hopefully in the next few weeks. Again, sorry about the late comic, thanks for coming back and reading.