How many of you fellow gaming nerds got your hands on a PlayStation 4 this weekend? Apparently the systems were selling for $700+ on Kijiji on launch day, which is mind blowing. If you were bilked out of $700 to play a game system with a mediocre assortment of launch titles surely you must also own a Wii U, Ouya, Dreamcast, Saturn, Jaguar, 3DO…

I got to play some Call of Duty: Ghosts yesterday, which seems like a solid CoD title but not much else. The game really doesn’t look any better than any of its current generation counterparts, though the frame rates do make everything appear silky smooth.

Call of Duty: In SPAAAAAACE!

There was one new innovation, you can play as Sandra Bullock.

We also discovered Ghosts doesn’t allow for four player split-screen. I’m not sure what it is with modern video games actively discouraging me from inviting my friends over to play games. There are very few grade A titles that allow for more than 2 local players. I’d pretty much need to buy a Wii U to find some “party” games, but then I’d have a Wii U in my house.

I guess we’re just supposed to play games as far away from one another as possible where we get to enjoy the richest concentration of homophobia on the internet. Hooray?

Anyway, new podcast on Wednesday! See you then.