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  1. Jay Runham

    I picked up Ghosts for the 360 and was thoroughly disappointed that the Campaign mode didn’t even allow for 2-player split screen. I agree with you Gregg, if a console allows for up to 4 controllers to be connected, shouldn’t it be standard that multiplayer games like Ghosts use that functionality?

    Also I’ve read that the new Xbox One can connect up to EIGHT controllers per console. Would love to see how a game pulls that off, or if every game just ignores it like Ghosts has.

  2. Gregg

    It’s thoroughly confusing. I guess we may have to turn to XBL or PSN games to find good local multiplayer experiences, because the Triple A games don’t seem to want to bother.

    As far as Ghosts is concerned, I blame Infinity Ward, who are not nearly as good as CoD as Treyarch.