Six degrees in January? Someone call Prime Minister Harper and complain because this weather is confusing. I don’t know how to dress when I leave my house anymore. It could be warm, cold, snowing, blizzarding, raining, winding…its especially annoying when it’s winding out.

So far 2014 is a text book example of what climate scientist have been warning us about. The snow in New York is wreaking more havoc than the Cloverfield monster, Ontario has experienced a mini ice age while Alberta has become temperate zone.

You know who I feel sorry for? The Canada Geese. They’ve been flying all the way south for the winter for nothing. They must look at the weather reports from the prairies and say “FUCK! Why’d you lead us all the way to Texas, Leonard! It’s plus six back home, you ass!”

We’ll finally be recording the January podcast tonight, so look for that Thursday of next week. And of course we’ll see you again Monday for a new comic.

Dead-Beef: Ball Hockey Part II

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